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I’ve owned a Mac for about four years now and have decided it’s finally time to make life easier and learn some shortkeys. Here are a few that I have found which I feel I must share with my fellow Mac users.

1. To get a definition of a word

Don’t worry about downloading dictionary apps or opening new tabs to look up “obsequious”, just hover the cursor over the word (in Safari) and press Command + Control + D to generate a definition of the word in the dictionary. Instant genius!

2. To take a screen shot

Strangely something you find you need to do more than you would think. To grab a one-window screenshot, press Command + Shift + 3. Otherwise press Command + Shift + 4 and use the crosshairs to highlight what you want a screenshot of, when you release it will be saved to the desktop.

3. Minimise all windows

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and want an instant stress relief, simply de-clutter your screen by minimising all your windows press Command + Option (alt) + M. Let the calmness settle in.

4. To delete on the right

If you take one thing away from this blog, let it be this. It’s a life changer for those starting out with Mac. If you want to delete words on the right of your cursor, press Fn + Delete. You’re welcome.

5. Bring up spotlight prompt

If you need to do a quick search lazily, press Command + Spacebar to call up the spotlight prompt (search) and then use the same keys to hide it again.

6. Zoom in or out a screen

Don’t reach for your spectacles just yet. If you need to read this teeny tiny text, press Option (alt) + Command + 8 to zoom in and the same to zoom back out.

7. Scroll quickly

If you’re speed-reading a particularly boring Html document in Safari, use the Spacebar to scroll down to happiness.

8. Save a site

Too much to read and too many people hovering over your shoulder? Just save a website on Safari to “favourites” or to bookmark the site, press Command + D.

9. To quit an app/close a window

It’s Friday afternoon, time to head out. To speed things up and completely quit an application, press Command + Q. Otherwise press Command + W to close the current, active window.

10. To open a new tab

To merely open a new tab just press Command + T. It’s easy to remember because the word “tab” actually starts with a “T”. Someone was thinking with that one.

11. How to cut, copy, paste and undo

These are very much the “go-to” keys but for some reason I always forget them. For those of you like me, too embarrassed to ask what the shortcut keys are, here’s the list. Cut = Command + X; Copy = Command + C; Paste = Command + V and Undo = Command + Z. I’ve forgotten them already.

12. Shut down/Sleep/Restart keys

You’ve had enough computer time, time to interact with some real people. To easily shut down/sleep or restart your Mac just hit Control + Eject.

13. Clear applications away

Snoopy boss, co-workers or family? Hide what you’re doing by moving all your open applications out of the way by pressing Command + F3.

14. Reverse screen colours

This is beyond useless but really just fun to do. Press Control + Option (alt) + Command + 8 to reverse the colours on your screen.

15. To raise or lower volume ever so slightly

And lastly, if you’re quite particular about the volume and want to raise or lower it just a smidge, press Option (alt) + Shift + F11 + F12. That’s better…

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