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Selborne Park Golf Estate revitalises historical nature trail | Marketing

A scenic nature trail through one of KwaZulu-Natal’s unique coastal forests at Selborne Park Golf Estate on the South Coast is now open to the public.

The Faye Barker Nature Trail was first established a few decades ago when the previous owners of Selborne, Faye and Denis Barker, resided on the property.

“We decided to revitalise this nature trail, allowing people to come and take a leisurely walk while spotting some of the wonderful animals and birdlife that reside on the estate,” explained Brett Wortmann, Selborne Head: Security, Environment and Body Corporate.

“We tried, as closely as possible, to establish the trail along the original route, however, there are very few people who can recall the trail so we have based it on the logical direction the trail would have followed.”

Wortmann and his team have been conducting an expansive alien eradication programme in the area, as well as revitalising the indigenous foliage.

Using shredded foliage, the team created mulch that was laid on the trail, creating a soft, natural path for hikers to follow. Boardwalks and bridges have also been added, ensuring a secure and enchanting walk.

Beginning at the club parking area, the trail enters the coastal forest which is home to a number of animals including monkeys, banded mongoose, bush buck, grey and blue duiker, as well as 180 species of birds. The path winds its way around the golf course and eventually back to the clubhouse, a distance of about 5 kilometres.

Following a gentle gradient, the trail is suitable for all ages and, for those who do not wish to complete the entire walk, there are bail out points throughout. There are also a number of benches lining the nature trail, allowing hikers a moment to rest while viewing the abundant birdlife.

“It is really a great walk through the natural vegetation,” said Wortmann. “It is not to strenuous, but rather designed for those looking to spend time viewing the animals and spotting some unique bird species.”

The Selborne team is in the process of drawing up maps for hikers and a conference centre with posters and comment books is also in the pipeline.

The trail is situated within the secure estate, offering hikers peace of mind. Although bookings are not necessary, hikers must alert reception if they are planning on using the nature trail.

Anyone wishing to walk along the Faye Barker Nature Trail is encouraged to bring along hats, sunscreen and water.

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