(Money-generating) Marketing and Advertising


I work with several marketing companies whose clients range from online gambling sites and accounting firms to backup power solutions and non-profit organisations. I’m adept at compiling press releases, speeches, newsletters, brochures, buyer’s guides, mailers, adverts, advertorials, editorials, and other marketing-related copy that makes money for your client’s brand. 

My years of experience as a journalist and sub-editor have given me unique insights into what news editors are looking for – and what will captivate your readers – so we can maximise your reach and get more value for your marketing spend.

(Not-just-clickbait) News



I have a long family history in the media space, although on a significantly more local and less corrupt scale than that of the Murdochs. Despite my attempts to fight the inevitable pull into the media space with a brief teaching stint, I thrived in my role as a journalist in South Africa’s never-boring news landscape.

I’ve worked as a reporter in both community and daily news organisations, and more recently as a sub-editor in the print and digital media spaces. My experience at vastly different publications has provided me with a cross-section of writing and interviewing insights – from the more intimate profile pieces to hard-hitting crime.

(Making you shine) Online



With so many competing brands trying to attract the attention of online users, it’s important to ensure your online content is accurate, appealing, and up-to-date. That’s where I come in.

I started writing at an exciting time when traditional media and marketing were starting to shift to the online space (yes; I am that old). Connecting with SEO marketing teams, I’ve been fortunate to learn from the best in the business and have honed my skills to write for an online audience. I am proficient in SEO writing to capture the attention of your target audience in that crowded online space.

From website copy and blogs to social media posts, adverts, empty cart emails and more, I can match the copy to your brand requirements.

I also enjoy crafting unique, catchy, and quirky social media content to make your brand heard above the noise. Don’t fear AI, I can harness this digital tool (or ultimately succumb to its will) to get you the best from the world of the web.

(Clear-cut) Editing




Being the ultimate grammar nerd, you’re going to want me on your editing team. Don’t know the difference between ‘affect’ and ‘effect’? Never know when to use a comma (,) semi-colon (;) or colon (:)? Can’t seem to say what you want quickly and clearly? You don’t have to. I’m here to help.

My fervent reading habit that I just can’t seem to kick, along with my linguistics, language teaching, and sub-editing background, have provided me with a thorough grounding in the intricacies of the English language. From spelling and punctuation to semantics and sentence structure, I can clean up your writing to impress that client, boss, professor, colleague, or even your spouse! I’m also great at adapting the style, register, and tone according to your needs (if you don’t know what these are, then you definitely need me).

(Perfectly accurate) Proofreading




I’m that annoying person who picks up on typos in books and relishes correcting the grammar of online trolls. While this keeps my friendship circle pretty small, it does make me excellent at my job. No matter the scale of your project or the focus of your piece, I’m ready with my (digital) red pen to correct any errors and make you sound as intelligent as you are.

I have proofread everything from academic theses on sub-atomic nuclear particles (or some such high-level content) to three-line social media posts. Just one misplaced comma or overlooked word can cause your copy to sink. Don’t become a victim.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask me anyway.